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Posted by David (2) on 2008-Feb-14   13:02

I will be going to Hong Kong and China from 26th February to 16th March 2008 with members of my family. I am going primarily as a holiday but I am sure some interesting insights will occur.

I am going with my Uncle Tom, Li Yi Luo, My son David Paul, My daughter Thalia and her boyfriend Ed Sanders. We plan to stay 4 nights in Hong Kong, then mainly in Canton Province and then the last 2 nights in Hong Kong. I have never been to the home village, Hoi Ping, so this will be an opportunity for me to connect with my ancestors and to show my children one half of their heritage.

My Uncle tells me that Canton has one of the largest markets for semi-precious stones in the world and I am looking forward to seeing that. I am also looking forward to seeing the home village. Apparently, my Grandfather and his two brothers made a fortune outside China and retired to the village. They constructed a tower with 4 cannons and a large block of houses as domiviles for their families. I am certainly looking forward to seeing that and learning more about the Chan family history.

I will aslo be looking at how Dingo organisations may be viable in the Chinese envirobnment.So look out for my posts on this thread and also feel free to make your own comments.

David Chan, February 2008


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