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Posted by David (2) on 2008-Dec-02   11:49

Peter, Andy and I have set up a new Dingo organisation. It is a site that allows people to recycle their unwanted items free. The site is xchange.org.uk.

How is this different from other recycling sites? Well, we are making this site locally focused. People will be able to search in their own localities for free goods. In addition we will provide a list of local events and local news.

Once there is sufficient traffic generated by free recycling, we hope to sell advertising on the site for small items. Adverts will be at a fixed price per day. We will also shortly introduce an auction function where we only charge for the listing and take no commission from the sale.

If this goes well, then we will make this into a franchise business. In line with the philosophy of Dingoes, we hope to make the franchises for Xchange free to the franchisee to minimise the cost of starting their own business.

Let's hope this one flies well!

The Dingoes are coming!


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