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elude - Urban Escape & Evasion competitions elude - Urban Escape & Evasion competitions     (Back to list)
Posted by Peter (1) on 2010-Aug-16   11:56

The armed forces often do Escape and Evasion exercises where a small number of soldiers pretend to be escaping prisoners and the rest try and catch them.

I thought this would be really cool if I could translate this into civilian life. 'elude' was born from that brainstorming session.

Elude is a game played out in urban areas (towns, cities, etc). It consists of at least two players. One player is being pursued and is therefor referred to as the fox. The other player(s) do the pursuing and are referred as the hound(s).

A typical 'fox' mission might be to deliver evidence of a gang shooting (eg video) to a contact in another city (or even another country). A typical 'hound' mission would be to stop the fox delivering that evidence.

If the fox delivers that 'evidence' to his contact, he wins the prize. However if one of the hounds stops him (by putting his hand on his shoulder) the hound wins the prize.

Obviously the money has to come from somewhere so each player pays a small amount 5, 10, 20.

We are starting this on a small scale to see if we can get people interested but hope to scale things up later on.

The locations are real, the money is real, the chase is real, the people are real and the excitement is real.


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