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Why dogs think we are amazing Why dogs think we are amazing     (Back to list)
Posted by Peter (1) on 2007-Jul-16   16:59

Dogs love us humans for many reasons, partly because we feed them, play with them and shelter them. They even love us when we scolded them for eating the cats food or today's lunch, but here is another reason why they love us: They think we are the most amazing hunters !

Out in the wild, hunting is so hard and dangerous that it has to be done in packs. Your pack could wonder around for days until you found something large enough to feed you all and harmless enough not to eat you instead. Even if your pack did bring some poor beast down, there was still no guarantee you would get a meal or even survive.

Dogs don't know anything about farming, meat markets, money or shops, so its hardly surprising that they look at us in such awe and respect when we return after one hours shopping carrying the meat equivalent of three and a half elephants.

Comment by Trillian (10) on 2007-Jul-18   15:32
Where I come from, we dont care what dogs think of us, we just eat them !!

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