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Posted by Peter (1) on 2007-Jul-17   15:33

Please enter what you consider to be a Marsupial Lion company and your reasons.

By definition, companies in this list are in the process of being out manoeuvred by smaller, nimbler Dingo companies.

Comment by Peter (1) on 2007-Jul-17   15:39

They were a major force in the 80s and 90s but now seem to be stuck there. Their share price has stayed the same for about 6 years. They have tried to enter other markets with limited success due to inferior copy-cat products.

In the mean time systems like Linux, Mac OSX and BSD are slowly but surely "eating Microsoft's lunch".

I have also read several articles about their impending demise, but I think they will be around for the next 10 years or so.

Comment by Gilbert (11) on 2007-Jul-24   19:48

Great at mobile phones (possibly) and even a bit of a Dingoe at first. Then attempted to take on the broadband market by grabbing Wanadoo (ex Freeserve) but not really knowing what to do with it or how to work it.

Failing standards of service risks loosing customers. Late panic and much market research to attempt to woo back business clients but no doubt 'too little too late'. Could survive but suffering indegestion from biting at too big a mouthfull and not being able to chew properly!

Suggestions... Stick to what you know and hunt in that area. If you want a change, go for something you can handle and then grow and develop it.

Comment by David (2) on 2007-Jul-26   14:05
I believe there is an interesting shift of paradigm that will occur in the next few decades. Most businesses require capital in significant amounts to launch and survive. The dingo business I describe all have the characteristic that they do not require significant capital but instead rely on intellectual or social capital.

So, for me, a Marsupial Lion organisation is one that is based on the current proposition that customers are consumers of products and services. These companies tend to rely on cash capital in one form or another. Therefore they are beholden to the providers of capital.

The dingo, on the other hand, relies on community and the skills of the organisation in identifying that community's needs. This does not require massive injection of capital and therefore dingoes are less reliant on sourcers of capital. Dingoes can only grow through growing the community. Each new member of the community creates additional value to the whole proposition. Therefore, it is in the dingo comapy's interest to delight its community as this growth in the community is the only source of profits.

I hope dingos will grow. Only time will tell whether I am right.
Comment by Trillian (10) on 2007-Jul-30   21:56
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Peter, David and Gilbert should get an alert about this post.

Comment by Trillian (10) on 2007-Jul-30   22:01
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Sorry for the weirdness but this is how I test stuff !!

Comment by Gilbert (11) on 2007-Jul-30   23:30
Well, it all seems to be working well (so far).
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