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So you want to build your own Dingo organisation? So you want to build your own Dingo organisation?     (Back to list)
Posted by David (2) on 2007-Aug-06   17:09

If you have a passion or an interest on which you want to build a business, then drop a line to Peter Blue or I and we might be able to help you.

Community of Interests already support a large number of businesses. Some of them are totally unexpected. The obvious ones are dating sites and networking sites bith social or business, but, there are others. There are many golf clubs that turnover millions of punds where the asset values are worth tens of millions. These are Dingo organisations. We have clubs and associations that are potential dingo organisations yet few have really thought through how to serve and delight their constituents. Even artists and entertainers are beginning to switch on to the Dingo concept.

Two weeks agao, Prince gave his new album away free with the Sunday Mail. His gigs in London have been sell outs. This is no coincidence. Prince has successfully fostered a community (fans interested in his music) and is exploiting the digital technology to increase the community knowing full well that this will transalte in to revenue and profits.

As the book says, you can do these things without spending horrendous amounts on marketing. All it takes is a bit of imagination and you too could do a Prince!

So why not JFWDI!


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