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Man hears what he wants to hear then disregards the rest Man hears what he wants to hear then disregards the rest     (Back to list)
Posted by Darien (13) on 2007-Aug-12   18:21


Where does someone gain the notoriety/fame that puts them in the several thousand pounds per gig category. How much of Angus Deaton's wages was earned by free work on the internet. how much of the new is based on talent as opposed to merchandising and corporate promotion. how many talented comedians never recovered from being listed with the dinosaurs, regardless of their talent and fame.
How much does the fact that some people will never make it because their just not good enough,drive the campaign to reduce the status of the world, they'd really like to be stars of. "they were out straight away, I listened to their tape and they sounded like they actually practised with their instruments, that's not what we were about" Malcolm Mclaren about the clash's unsuitability for a punk festival he was promoting. headlined by a band who's front man was only picked for the job because he wore an "I hate pink floyd" T shirt, and who finished his band's last ever gig with the words "do you get the feeling you've been taken for a ride".
then tried to write music and failed.

I'll ask again, but this time lets make a scenario of it." can I play here tonight mate?.......who are you?......well you won't have heard of me but I give a lot of stuff away on the web.

Comment by David (2) on 2007-Aug-13   12:11
It has always been the case that notoriety (or fame) can be converted into cash. It happened in the past and it will go on happening in the future. This has nothing to do with digital technology.

Any creative artist suffers from this problem. You do work because you are impelled by an inner vision or drive, yet, you have to earn a living. In the past, the great masters were subsidised by their patrons and could create the art/music etc according to their inner artistic creativity. Sponsorship still occurs but now you have additional possibilities such as appealing to funding councils such as The Arts Council in the UK. Would Damien Hurst have made it if he did not have the patronage of the Saatchis?

Talent does not necessarily equate to success. I am sure over the sixties and seventies there have been bands and artists who were technical better, artistically more creative and potentially more appealing than those that made it. Talent needs opportunity and luck. One of my favourite musical artists was Nick Drake. He had limited commercial success but never made as big as the people who he influenced.

I have gone to open mike nights where I have asked to play but was not allowed to. I have sat through some turgid performances but the people knew the organisers. Is this wrong? Perhaps, but I do believe that they have a right to play.

There are multiple motives for people putting on events and venues. Some do it for power, some do it for money, some do it because they believe in what they are doing. For anyone to 'make it', they have to be in the right place at the right time. It was forever thus and it is unlikely to change. In 1978, NASA sent off the Voyager spacecraft to pass by all the known planets. They could only do it then because the planets were in alignment. Perhaps for an artist, the planets have to be in alignment before they can make it.

As to your last question, if someone did have a big following on the web and they do have a lot of good feedback, don't you think their fans would want to pay to see them live? I can safely say most eveeent organisaers will let you play if you can bring a dozen paying customers!
Comment by David (2) on 2007-Aug-28   13:39
A further twist to the arguments above, my nephew Rodney Henderson was the lead singer in a group called Violent Delight. The achieved some notoriety as their single, 'I wish I was a Girl' was banned by Radio 1. This single made it to the Top 25 of the hit parade. The band produced an album and then folded.

Recently, Rodney has been approached by a number of event organisers for venues across the country to get Vilent Delight back together, Apparently, there have been videos of people performing karaoke to 'I Wish I was a Girl' and VD has become something of a cult. Rodney has struggled in the last two years to get gigs with his new band but he is being approached to play as VD. They have now played two reunions both of which made a modest profit for each of them. They will be doing a few more.

The point is by giving the content away, you can raise your profile. If you achieve the right profile, you can always convert this into money.

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