Category: Business

  • Construction Construction Project Management (Software or Systems) need to be able to manage contracts, jobs, drawings, invoices, quotations, suppliers, CVIs, RFIs, time-sheets and much more.

  • Dingoes Forum Dingoes Forum. Dingo start-up companies based around the UK and in London. Other business related stuff.

  • Images Images of the creator of "Dingoes & Marsupial Lions", some illustrations to help you understand why some corporations are so stupid.

  • Masked Credit Cards Masked credit cards work in a similar way to masked email addresses. They protect your real credit/debit card from scammers or hackers. AKA Disposable One-Time Credit Cards.

  • Mexico Investment Mexican Property Investment Opportunities for Americans and Europeans wishing to move there.

  • Overstock The word Overstock referrers to an organisation but also to a supply method or system.

  • Warehouse Warehouse is a large building where raw materials or manufactured goods may be stored prior to their distribution for sale. Types: Private, public, bonded storage, distribution centres and co-operative.

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