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Construction Project Management (Software or Systems) are used to help manage the huge, paper-based construction industry to achieve more efficiency and profit.

Such systems need to be able to manage contracts, jobs, drawings (including revisions), invoices, quotations, clients, suppliers, CVIs, RFIs, time-sheets and much more.

Many of the large-scale solutions concentrate on bid management, financial management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), project Management, scheduling management, equipment management inventory management and document management, but for many SMB construction companies, this is like using a ton weight to crack a nut - they want something that is small, cheap and (most of all) easy to use. They also want to use it on tablets and mobiles if possible.

In 2010, XR1 was asked by a construction company to build a system to move all the vast amounts of paperwork (Contracts, jobs, drawings, timesheets, etc) onto an online database. That system is still in use today. The owner recently suggested that XR1 build a similar system but with selectable components for use by other construction companies. Enter the Construction Toolbox experimental prototype.

Proposed components :-

  • Contracts
  • Jobs
  • Drawings This would allow the uploading, downloading of technical drawings (including revisions) and to keep a log of all activities.
  • Timesheets
  • Orders & Quotes
  • Invoices

An experimental prototype is being trialled in Kent by a local construction company.
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