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elude - Urban Escape & Evasion competitions ( Comments:0 )
Posted on 2010-Aug-16   11:56   by   Peter Blue Last comment by Charles (3)
The armed forces often do Escape and Evasion exercises where a small number of soldiers pretend to be escaping prisoners and the rest try and catch them. I thought this would be really cool if I could translate this into civilian life. 'elude' was born from that brainstorming session. ... More

Darwin and social policy ( Comments:0 )
Posted on 2008-Dec-19   22:02   by   David Chan
I read this interesting article entitled, 'Why we are as we are' in the Economist magazine. This article argues that much of our policy initiatives could be counter-productive because it fails to take account of residual behaviours from our evolution. Now this poses an interesting question. ... More

Banking, Post the World Financial Crisis - Detail ( Comments:0 )
Posted on 2008-Dec-14   02:13   by   David Chan
Introduction As we watch Governments bailing out the banking industry globally through injecting massive amounts of cash and guarantees, it occurs to me that there may be a way of setting out a new framework for banking and financial services in the future. This paper sets out a proposal ... More

New Dingo On The Block ( Comments:0 )
Posted on 2008-Dec-02   11:49   by   David Chan
Peter, Andy and I have set up a new Dingo organisation. It is a site that allows people to recycle their unwanted items free. How is this different from other recycling sites? Well, we are making this site locally focused. People will be able to search in their own loc ... More

I'm Part Neanderthal and Proud of it! ( Comments:0 )
Posted on 2008-Dec-01   14:53   by   David Chan
A recent extraction of Neanderthal DNA suggests that they possessed the same version of the FOXP2 gene as modern humans (see article. This gene is believed to be fundamental to our linguistic abilities. This raises the intriguing possibility that the Neanderthals did not die out but was absorbed in ... More

New Order for Global Finances ( Comments:0 )
Posted on 2008-Nov-15   13:08   by   David Chan
We watch with baited breath as the G20 companies meet in Washington. Will anything like the Bretton Woods agreement come out of these meetings ? My fear is that any agreements resulting from these rounds of talks will do nothing but entrench the current vested interests in their power positions. ... More

Banking Post the World Financial Crisis - Summary ( Comments:0 )
Posted on 2008-Oct-14   21:27   by   David Chan
As we watch Governments bailing out the banking industry globally through injecting massive amounts of cash, it occurs to me that there may be a way of setting out a new framework for banking and financial services in the future. This idea needs more work but the bare outlines are given in the bulle ... More

Canton and Donguan ( Comments:1 )
Posted on 2008-Mar-10   09:10   by   David Chan   Last comment by Peter Blue
I found Boon Yi big but Canton exceeded my expectations. It's scale reminded me of American cities in that everything was built on a huge scale. Shopping Centres are large; restaurants are enormous and the public places are huge. Little of the old Canton is visible being subsumed under a barrage of ... More

Hoi Ping (Kaiping) ( Comments:1 )
Posted on 2008-Mar-02   19:24   by   David (2)   Last comment by Peter Blue
The boat from Hong Kong took about two hours to reach Zhong San. a port on the south coast of Canton Province. Our relative, Hoi Sun, met us at the harbour with a people carrier and took us on a two hour car journey to Kaiping. Ho Sun is an official with the Kaiping government and has a role in ... More

Hong Kong and Kowloon ( Comments:2 )
Posted on 2008-Feb-29   17:05   by   David (2)   Last comment by David Chan
Strangely, I found HK disconcerting when I first arrived. I don't know whether it was the jet-lag or that it was so different from what I was used to. OK, the place is a magnificent monuments to man's ingenuity in cramming people in the smallest space possible but it felt alien to me on the first ... More

Epiphany on a 747 ( Comments:0 )
Posted on 2008-Feb-27   01:04   by   David Chan
We sat in rows like worshippers at some service. The constant thrum of the jets underlays a carpet of constancy. Some have fallen in to slumbers no doubt dreaming in this half sleeping state. Others, like worshippers displaying their devotion, stare at the small screens straining to keep up with th ... More

Trip to China ( Comments:0 )
Posted on 2008-Feb-14   13:02   by   David
I will be going to Hong Kong and China from 26th February to 16th March 2008 with members of my family. I am going primarily as a holiday but I am sure some interesting insights will occur. I am going with my Uncle Tom, Li Yi Luo, My son David Paul, My daughter Thalia and her boyfriend Ed Sander ... More

Will smaller companies stand a better chance of survival during the coming financial turmoil ? ( Comments:1 )
Posted on 2007-Oct-04   11:22   by   Peter Blue   Last comment by Charles (3)
It cant have escaped anyone's attention that things are afoot in the financial world, the sub-prime lending crises, Northern Rock's bank run, Oil prices breaking through the $80 per barrel for the first time in 20+ years, Mortgage lenders imploding and stock market jitters. I expect everyone will ... More

The future of music on the Internet ( Comments:5 )
Posted on 2007-Oct-04   11:02   by   David Chan   Last comment by David (2)
In the past, people made money from selling content in the form of discs (plastic or CDs). With the Internet and technologies like Bittorrent, the economics of this business is being turned upside down. Although publishers are desperately trying to enforce copyright, it is clear to me, whatver syste ... More

Amateur Artists - New potential Dingo business ( Comments:1 )
Posted on 2007-Sep-19   12:06   by   David   Last comment by Peter Blue (1)
Peter and I have been working on another idea for a Dingo business. We believe the amateur artist community may well represent a significant business opportunity. Peter and I have achieved some success with the rare book site, www.rarelist.co.uk as it is now self financing and growing. However, the ... More

Man hears what he wants to hear then disregards the rest ( Comments:2 )
Posted on 2007-Aug-28   13:39   by   Darien   Last comment by David (2)
Question: Where does someone gain the notoriety/fame that puts them in the several thousand pounds per gig category. How much of Angus Deaton's wages was earned by free work on the internet. how much of the new is based on talent as opposed to merchandising and corporate promotion. how many talent ... More

Why Unix based Operating Systems are more secure than Windows ( Comments:0 )
Posted on 2007-Aug-20   10:07   by   Peter Blue
In the film "War of the Worlds" the invading aliens are defeated not by human technology but by Earth bound viruses. So, if an advanced alien culture can be defeated by such humble creatures how could we have survived for so long ? The answer is simple, we grew up with those same viruses and had to ... More

So you want to build your own Dingo organisation? ( Comments:0 )
Posted on 2007-Aug-06   17:09   by   David
If you have a passion or an interest on which you want to build a business, then drop a line to Peter Blue or I and we might be able to help you. Community of Interests already support a large number of businesses. Some of them are totally unexpected. The obvious ones are dating sites and network ... More

Why outsourcing is a bad idea ( Comments:1 )
Posted on 2007-Aug-03   10:37   by   Peter Blue   Last comment by David (2)
I don't like outsourcing. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with UK companies working with Indian or Asian companies but the idea of 'detaching' part of your company and handing it over to somebody else thousands of miles away just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Its a bit like a gazelle ou ... More

"Marsupial Lion" companies ( Comments:6 )
Posted on 2007-Jul-30   23:30   by   Peter Blue   Last comment by Gilbert (11)
Please enter what you consider to be a Marsupial Lion company and your reasons. By definition, companies in this list are in the process of being out manoeuvred by smaller, nimbler Dingo companies. ... More

Why dogs think we are amazing ( Comments:1 )
Posted on 2007-Jul-18   15:32   by   Peter Blue   Last comment by Trillian (10)
Dogs love us humans for many reasons, partly because we feed them, play with them and shelter them. They even love us when we scolded them for eating the cats food or today's lunch, but here is another reason why they love us: They think we are the most amazing hunters ! Out in the wild, hunting ... More

"Dingo" Companies ( Comments:1 )
Posted on 2007-Jul-17   15:47   by   Peter Blue (1)   Last comment by Peter Blue (1)
Please enter a company you consider to be a Dingo company and your reasons. By definition any company listed here is nimble, fast-moving and taking on the big boys. ... More

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