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Org IQ
Have you ever wondered why some corporations seem to be so dumb ? or why the simplest task takes so long ?

This illustration provides a possible answer.

David Chan has been a senior executive and a management consultant working across many sectors of industry including secondments to Central Government Departments. He has worked for several Blue-Chip organisations and has experience of public and private, large and small organisations. He has been the honorary Fellow in Information Management at Bradford University and has also been a board-level director.

David has interests in a wide number of areas including management, business, technology, evolution and complex adaptive systems. He lives in Hertfordshire with two cats. He also enjoys playing bridge online, creative writing, song writing and can be found sometimes performing at local folk clubs.

Using some of the business strategies described in the book, he and Peter Blue developed a site for collectors of rare books called RareList. This site achieved first page listings on Google at virtually no cost to its founders.

Cottage Industries
Cottage Industries could be making a return after many decades. Many people are fed up with long commutes, lack of advancement and the constant fear of redundancy.

Cottage Industries are perfect examples of Dingo-style businesses because, by definition, they small, nimble and can pivot to new markets very quickly.

Peter Blue is well known in the tech community and the investment community in London. He was the technical architect and driving force behind many websites like RareList (Now closed), British Women Artists, Sporting Dates, Open source investigations and Experiences.

He spent many years in the military where he saw active service. He left in 1993 and moved to north Kent. He spent many years building computers, building (and running) various websites before founding SI7 (Special Internet Operations) in 2018.

He has more up-to-date profiles here → Peter Blue and Peter Blue.

Victoria Salem is well known around London for running high-profile events and creating new businesses like The Golden Network and Distinct Web.

Lydik Grynfeltt is the founder of HR Bridge Consulting in London.

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