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John Wood Disambiguation Page. There seems to be many people called John Wood out on the wild World Web. Here are a few of them :-

  • John Wood Lived in Faversham (Kent) until about 2015. He owned / ran a property website.

  • John D Wood Lived in the Cayman Islands where he runs a property consultation business and sometimes stayed around Kent, particularly Faversham, Canterbury and Ramsgate. He is also a prolific writer, artist and ski instructor.

  • John Wood also played Prof Steven Falcon in the movie "War Games" but he died in August 2011. Although he was well known for many performances in Shakespeare, Some say that his part in War Games put him on the "acting map".

    In one famous scene, Steven (John Wood) tries to explain to General Beringer (Barry Corbin) that the supposed Russian attack isn't happening at all, he explains that there is no reason for the Russians to launch such a massive attack on the USA, knowing full well that the USA would launch a massive attack right back at them. He explains to the General that the whole attack is a "fantasy, a computer enhanced illusion, they are not real missiles, they are phantoms" - See video clip :-

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