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Canary Wharf
London is the capital of the United Kingdom and that is where the Houses of Parliament are located along with the iconic Big Ben.

It is also the home of some of the best restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and the largest number of billionaires in the world. It's also one of the main cities for fashion.

It's also home to many small start-ups (AKA Dingoes because they are unencumbered by size and can quickly adapt to new situations).

London also has quite a large range of magazines, digital, paper or both. They are listed below :-

  • Architect's Journal is an architectural magazine published in London by Metropolis International. It has a circulation of 6,817 and started it's first publication in 1895. In 2015, they decided to stop paper publications and be digital only → Link.

    This magazine became more and more important in London as building designs became more innovative and unique. Good examples are The Shard, The Gherkin and the "Walkie Talkie"

  • The Luxe Club caters for professionals working in blockchain, DeFi, NFT & crypto related industries by creating luxurious events in the finest clubs (and restaurants) in London. It was founded in 2018 by Salima Manji, an ex-investment banker. It also plays host to pop-up fashion events, trips to Paris or Monaco and ladies lunches. → Link

  • City AM is a free, business-focused newspaper distributed in and around London. They have often held networking events around the city and formed City AM Club around that. Their certified distribution was 85,982 copies a day in January 2019, but that seems to be dropping by 5% per year → Link.

  • Time Out was originally a London-only magazine but expanded to over 300 cities world-wide. The London edition is now free as from 2012. Additional publications include travel magazines, city guides and books. The New York edition is free as from 2015.

  • London In Stereo is both available monthly in print and online. It was founded in 2013, and it offers gig listings, interviews, reviews, and live music listings for the city. The first band to appear on the cover of London in stereo were Wolf Alice → Link.

  • The London Magazine is a publication about the arts, literature and other related interests. It has been around since 1732 years and has been reincarnated a few times.

  • The Gentleman's Magazine was a monthly magazine that started publication in London in 1731 by Edward Cave. It ran uninterrupted for nearly 200 years, but closed almost a century ago in 1922. It was the first to use the term "magazine" for a periodical. Furthermore, it featured news, essays, dissertations and articles on many subjects from commodity prices to Latin poetry.

  • London - SI7 is an online magazine detailing various nightclubs, hotels, professions, business (and elite) networks in London → Link

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