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Salima Manji at Layla Bar
The Luxe Club was created by Salima Manji for finance professionals featuring events like Polo, pop-up designer fashion and luxury dining around London's finest venues. It later expanded to Paris (France) and Monaco, with plans to expand to Jersey (Channel Islands).

As cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin and Ethereum), NFTs (Non-Fungable Tokens) and DeFi (De-centralised Finance) have taken centre stage, The Luxe Club introduced Crypto Social to bring those professionals together, so they can meet, swap ideas and form new collaborations, new companies and projects.

The first one in February 2022 was attended by over 40 crypto enthusiasts at Albert's Private Club (Chelsea). The second was held in April 2022 at Jeru in Mayfair (near Green Park station) and was attended by over 90 crypto enthusiasts. The 3rd one was also held at Jeru and had over 80 attendees, so this event is becoming very popular with the crypto and NFT crowd in London. The 4th was in June 29th the same year at Jeru again.

The first crypto social event of 2023 was held on Jan 23rd at Home Grown Private Members Club, 44 Great Cumberland Place, Marylebone, London W1H 7BS. Many professionals attended including a few from RBS and Ernst & Young.

In February there are three events: Networking Drinks in Knightsbridge (2nd), Masquerade party at Home Grown, Marylebone (10th) and Dinner at The Maine Mayfair (16th)

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