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Victoria Salem
Victoria Salem is a French serial entrepreneur based in London, and has lived there for about 10 years.

She developed a passion for networking and used it to great effect while working for large corporations but eventually she would have to go her own way to fully realise this passion.

In 2014 she formed The Golden Network which organises various elite events around London like wine tasting, nightclub launches, debates, Round tables, Entrepreneur in the Spotlight all include business networking sessions afterwards. Her network membership is now (2019) nearly 700 professionals from all walks of life like bankers, investors, designers, engineers and top level executives.

She is responsible for a number of other businesses including TGN Coaching with opera singer Katerina Mina, but this morphed to online courses during the 2020 CoronaVirus lock-down. More recently, Distinct Web (which she co-founded with Peter Blue)

These enterprises are very much based on the "Dingo - Communities of Interest" philosophy.

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